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Pam's Page      
I would like to share a few of my favorite things with you.
Besides stained glass, I have a passion for gardening and
 the creatures that live there. Enjoy.

Tiny frog in a flower
Tiny frog in a flower

Dragonfly resting
Dragonfly resting

My Flower bed
My Flower "BED"

Holly Cat
This is one of my cats, Holly

Wisteria vine growing up tree
Wisteria vine growing up a tree

Little pond
Little Pond

Tin Flower
Tin Flower

Tin Flower Close Up
Tin Flower Close Up
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 I want to thank my sister, Debbie for making this web page possible and doing all the work for me.  She did a terrific job.  Also want to thank my husband who puts up with me and my hobby without complaining.  He has been so supportive.   When I didn't think I could, he was there with, "Yes you can!".

E-mail me:
E-mail me-

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