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Sunflower Studio

Pam's Stained Glass

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Beautiful Mosaics

Artist Spotlight

Winner of Delphi's Annual Photo Contest 2001. Picture is on page 93 for those of you
who might have their 2001 catalog.

The Koi Pond also won 1 st place in Glastar's Art Glass Competition for April 2001,
go to this site and see a close up view and more information about
this beautiful work of art ~  
Art Glass Competition  Winners Gallery  April 2001  Mosaic
Please click on the thumbnail image for a larger view,
then click  picture to return.
Koi pond-before
This is the site of the Koi pond.  It is actually our septic tank cover.  Had to do something to hide it, so I made a faux Koi pond.  

Koi pond after
   After 3 months and approximately
3000 pieces of glass,
the finished project.
Close up of koi pond
Koi Pond ~ Overhead view.
I used the direct method over treated plywood.

Close up of dragonfly detail
   Koi Pond
Close up of Dragonfly detail.
Stepping Stone/River Rock
Stepping Stone / River Rock

Picque Assiette Technique - Crock
Crock - Picque Assiette Technique
Rose pot and sunflower plaque
Rose Pot  & Sunflower Plaque

Mosaic pots
Mosaic Pots
House number mosaic
House Number Mosaic

Mr Blue Eyed Sunface
Mr. Blue eyed Sunface

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E-mail me-

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